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Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Currently the UT is exploring VSAT Connectivity via BSNL. Never the less, services are being successfully rolled out and CSCs doing particularly well in utility bill collection. The UT has created awareness among the general public by launching a publicity campaign through local newspapers, radio broadcasting, etc.

Andhra Pradesh

'MeeSeva' bagged the best initiatives award from the e-Governance related entries of 16 categories in the Manthan Awards which was presented during the South Asia and Asia Pacific 2012 annual digital festival held at New Delhi. The electricity bill payment service has been launched through CSCs in Kurnool district in addition to West Guntur, Prakasam and districts under Centralized Architecture system.

CSCs in Andhra Pradesh have been renamed as 'Mee Seva' Centers and will now offer all Mee Seva services, which enables CSCs/e-Sevas Kendras to extend services of Revenue and Registration Department. All the certificates and documents issued under Mee Seva project are digitally signed and delivered to the citizens. Mee Seva services are being delivered through 3461 Mee Seva Centers (CSCs) located in 22 Districts of Andhra Pradesh. As on date, 49 Services of various Government Departments are successfully delivered through Mee Seva Centers. The new services added in the Mee Seva fold in the month of February 2013 are:

  1. Appeal on demarcation
  2. Certified copy of registration of marriage
  3. Demarcation certificate
  4. Localization of properties


Till date, a total of 78.93 lakhs certificates/ documents were issued under Mee seva through CSCs and CSC like kiosks.

Issuance of duplicate Voter ID card service of Election Commission has started in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh through CSCs. Further, SCA M/s Sreeven has signed an agreement with UTIITSL to offer PAN Card services through its CSCs. Centre for Good Governance (CGG) has extended fee payment service to CSCs for School Education Department. Sreeven has also signed agreement with WUMT (Western Union Money Transfer) for delivering the services through CSCs. Sreeven is also in discussions with Oxigen for providing train ticket booking service through CSCs. Few CSCs have stopped providing LIC premium payment and BSNL Land line bill payment as AP Online has discontinued their service. Issuance of duplicate Voter ID card service of Election Commission has started n all the districts of Andhra Pradesh through CSCs.

Arunachal Pradesh

Poor connectivity remains the main challenge in this hilly State. Further, there has been an initiative to launch financial inclusion activities through SBI (State Bank of India).


Further rollout in the State has been stalled due to Naxal activity. E-district services have been launched in two pilot districts. VSAT installation is very slow and also the VSATs supplied are not working as VLEs are not able to recharge their accounts.

Awareness workshops are held for creating awareness of the various NeGP programmes. Various awareness meetings conducted at different Gram Panchayats. Delivery of G2C services in Goalpara and Sonitpur districts continues.


e-District service launched in Nalanda, Aurangabad and Madhubani. Initiative has been taken by the State for dissemination of information on CSC Scheme by arranging village meetings, mikings and showing films at Vasudha Kendra. Camps have also been organised at the Village level and the Gram Panchayat level. Poor power supply and slow pace of BSNL connectivity has always remained a challenge in the State. Many new services like CSCs being used for Nielsen Survey, VLEs acting as BCs, Agricultural Services, Pan Card services etc have been launched in the State through CSCs, including PDS. The release of payment for scanning PDS coupons has been pending. M/s GNG has been selected as the new SCA for the Darbhanga and the Bhagalpur division of the State.

Chief Secretary of Jharkhand, had flagged off the outreach van on 22nd Jan 2013. The van visited 24 CSCs of 5 districts (Ranchi, Ramgarh, Giridih, Bokaro and Deoghar).
Aadhar based payments were successfully disbursed to beneficiaries under old age pension schemes through CSCs of Ranchi and Ramgarh districts under the DCT scheme of the Govt of India.
AID signed the BC and UID agreements with CSC SPV for activities in Jharkhand.


The UT is leading in delivery of G2C services through CSCs. Currently, the process is on to link UID or EID numbers with the existing pensioners data at all e-Sampark Centers. Provision has been made to monitor the centers from the Nodal office via IP based camera.


VLEs have been declared as CHOiCE Agents for delivering various G2C services and soon all CHOiCE services (currently available in urban areas) will be delivered through CSCs from CHiPS is in the process to finalize its service provider for providing various citizen centric services and also is selecting its Payment Gateway Integrator for Online payment of different services. CSC centres have now started working as Facilitation Centre for Online application form submission. Weekly meetings of RMs and DMs have been held to activate the various B2C services. CSC workshops organized in Balodabazar, Kabirdham and Kanker districts to familiarize about the flow of the Online Citizen Centric Services to be delivered through CSCs.

In spite of being a State impacted by Naxal activity and difficult terrain, the CSCs are being able to deliver banking and educational services successfully. Some of the non functional SBI KIOSK’s have restarted in Bilaspur and Durg district. Training and Orientation programme of SBI KIOSK Operators have been conducted in all CSC districts.

A MoU has been signed with AC Nielsen enabling CSCs to undertake market research activities in rural areas. Data entry work for National Population Register has been conducted at the selected CSC locations in Durg, Balod, Bemetara, Bilaspur & Mungeli districts. Suvidhaa Online Services like Railway Ticketing, Mobile recharges, DTH Recharges, Mobile/Telephone Bills, Insurance Products/ Premiums, Products Bookings etc have been introduced in the State.

The State is facing problem in CSC rollout as many of the locations are still not covered through broadband connectivity. The speed of connectivity is also very low at the panchayat level. The cost of the instrument and the tariff of WiMAX is also high which is not affordable for the VLE.

Orientation programme conducted by UTIITSL for Pan Card services delivered through CSCs.
AISECT has been selected as an SCA for rolling out centers in the Raipur and Raigarh division of the State


e-Gram centers are delivering a number of G2C services, including ROR and PDS services. The State also has a unique monitoring system, as all their Centres are connected via VSAT. Further, video conferencing is used to communicate with VLEs. The SCA also runs the “PAWAN” channel to train VLEs remotely, as well as promote services. The Government Circular to appoint CSCs as BSNL DSAs has been released.


The State is currently exploring to adopt various models for implementation of the CSC project in the State after the termination of all the earlier SCAs.

Meeting held under the Chairmanship of the Joint Secretary, Electronics & Information Technology Department, Government of Haryana with the Officials of the Department of Panchayat Department, agreed that the e-Panchayat project will be integrated with CSC Scheme and re-launched as a joint initiative of both the Departments of the Haryana Government. It was also agreed that the decision will also be placed as an agenda item for ratification by the Technical Committee headed by the Financial Commissioner, Electronics & I.T Department, and Government of Haryana.

Himachal Pradesh

Delivery of e-Government Services through SSDG is at the CSCs. BSNL bill collection service has been rolled out in all the Districts. Notification has been issued for the delivery of various services of Excise and Taxation Department through CSCs. Collection of all types of electricity bills through CSCs (except industrial) has been approved by the Cabinet. Difficult terrain and lack of connectivity are impacting the sustainability of the CSCs.

Meetings cum trainings of the VLEs are held with representatives of the SCAs and representatives of DeitY to speed up the implementation of the CSC project.
A training for the official of Jails was also held regarding the process to be followed to provide the service of Video Conference of prisoners with their family members through LMKs.
The State Government had signed supplementary agreement with SCA on 31st March, 2012 vide which penalty has been waived off till 31st March, 2012.

Jammu & Kashmir

The State has taken a few proactive policy decisions to make services available through the CSCs, however services are yet to be made available. VLEs have now been guaranteed a minimum amount of the revenue support that the SCA is eligible for. As on date, even though 544 CSCs are connected through VSATs, the connectivity through VSAT is very poor.

Pilot launch of e-services by Social Welfare Department, Health Department and Employment Exchange department have taken place in the State.
Multiple training programme of various e-learning courses held in the district of Gaderbal.


Selection of SCA in Dumka district is pending. Decision to be finalized by the Apex Committee. CSCs are providing G2C services through the State’s e-Nagrik Portal.
E-District has been inaugurated in Namkum, Mander, and Burmu blocks of Ranchi district. The State is focusing on completing 100% rollout of CSCs (Pragya Kendras) in all 2943 panchayats and connect all the centres vide WiMax connectivity.
Mr. Laurence Cohen from University of California, Berkeley, Centre for South Asia Studies visited Dohakkatu Panchayat of Rangarh block to see kiosk banking work with UID authentication.
Meeting held in the State by District Administration of Latehar for implementing e-Nagril and Panchayat Banking.
Training programme arranged for VLEs for expanding LIC service in 15 districts by M/s UTL.


The State is yet to rollout CSCs as they already have functional Nemmadi Centres and their Panchayats are already computerized.


e-District and UID enrolment services are being successfully implemented in the State along with multiple other G2C Services. Wayanad and Pathanathitta have been selected as pilot districts by UIDAI to implement Aadhaar based services. Kannur Districts launched e-Manal (e-sand) service through Akshaya Centers. MoU has signed with e-Mudra to launch Digital signatures through Akshaya centers.

Akshaya contributed 77% of the total UID Enrolment in the state and reached Top 8th State in UID Enrolment in the Nation.


The UT has a total of 15. 12 of the centres are connected through SWAN and 3 through BSNL. They are offering e-literacy services. CSCs have also started doing PDS entry.

Madhya Pradesh

The State has completed 100% rollout. NPR data entry work has started in few districts. Banking is a popular service offered at CSCs along with other services offered through MP Online. SBI kiosk banking has started in 414 locations. More than 478887 accounts have been opened at these kiosks. These Kiosks are transacting more than Rs. 70,00,000 per day and have also started making payments to the villagers under various Government Schemes (MNREGA, Old Age Pensions, and Scholarships to students). These kiosks are also making payments to the farmers for various Govt. relief schemes. State is suffering due to poor connectivity and power cuts during peak hours in the remote areas. Bandwidth is an issue for those working on MP Online. 500 VLEs have been provided training to sell DLF Premerica insurance in the State.

Recently Hosangabad and Harda districts are selected for Cash Subsidy Scheme of Government of India.
Agreement signed between NICT and Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance for providing insurance services.


Rollout in the State is almost complete and now CSCs are offering e-District services in 5 pilot districts. In other districts, 96 revenue department services are being offered in the hybrid mode through MahaOnline. ‘Employment Exchange’ services are being offered in all districts through CSCs. Telemedicine service has also started over mobile phone. 26 new G2C services have been launched in Sindhudurg. NPS camp conducted in Sholapur and Pune district. A Pilot was launched by Bank of India to enable Financial Inclusion services in Raigadh district. Ration card G2C service launched at Sindhudurg. Bajaj Life Insurance service B2C launched in Thane, Mumbai and Raigadh. Service of Land Record started in Jalgaon.

State launched Maha Online Portal for all CSCs. The important advantages of this portal include its standardized formats across all districts of Maharashtra as well as the generation of Non-Editable Certificates.

Mahaonline portal is currently developed to deliver services in semi-online manner. The Portal is delivering 16 revenue services all across Maharashtra. DeitY initiated the process of 7/12 data sharing with SCA for availing the Land Record services from there CSC. Secretary (IT) and Revenue Secretary informed and guided all District Collectors on Land Record distribution from CSCs.

SCA Basix Launched online General Insurance services through CSC in Ahmednagar District. Basix also launched Telemedicine services over mobile phone.

SBI (State Bank of India) started BC work in Nagpur district Employment Exchange services are now available through CSCs in Maharashtra in collaboration with Employment and Self Employment Department.


CSC rollout is complete in the State. However, service availability is limited due to lack of power and connectivity. Currently VSATs are being provided to the State to accelerate connectivity, while the State is considering providing solar power to CSCs.


While rollout in the State is now complete, connectivity and availability of electricity remains the biggest challenge for rolling out services. VLEs are facing problem in providing G2C services to the citizens since Government websites are not available regularly. Progress of VSAT installation in the State is also very slow. SBI kiosk banking service has been piloted in 2 more CSCs at Sohmynting in Jaintia Hills district, and Nohwet in East Khasi Hills District. BC Awareness and sensitizing program was conducted by SBI at Mawhati CSC. NIC has already completed training for 84 VLEs on G2C services out of which 46 VLEs have been trained during the month to conduct Microsoft Digital e-training computer course in their CSCs.


Rollout has been completed in the State. Currently connectivity is being enabled using VSAT and Data Cards. However, since most of the CSCs are dependent on VSAT connectivity, the slow progress for installation is a major concern. E-district services are being rolled through CSCs. Further many Government Departments are dependent on the CSCs for data collection. Meeting held with SBI representatives for SBI financial inclusion.


The operation of CSC project in the State is temporarily suspended after the termination of the MSA with the SCA on the 2nd of February 2012.


Rollout in the state is being impacted by Naxal activities. Further inadequacy of connectivity and power is impacting service availability. Electricity Bill collection through CSC centers has been introduced in the State. PAN Card service has been launched in the State. Also e-abhijog services has been started through the CSCs. All CSCs are also involved in e-admission which is mandatory in Odisha.

e-District review meetings held at Chhatrapur and Ganjam collectorate office. Review meeting also held at OCAC under the chairmanship of IT Secretary regarding improvement of CSC project in Odisha.
BASIX have successfully organized online PAN card training programme and thereafter successfully launched the service in the CSC centers. The Western Union Money transfer is also successfully launched in some of the CSC centers. The Microsoft e-Learning training programme is also rigorously implemented in some of the centers.

Awareness programme held regarding promotion of Computer Digital Literacy course in the GPs of Ganjam district in the State Meeting held at Bhubaneswar RTI office, chaired by RTI secretary regarding facilitation of RTI services in CSC.
Review meeting held at OCAC, Bhubaneswar office regarding commission fixation of SCA and VLE on delivery of RTI services in CSC. Review meeting held at Odisha secretariat in the meeting hall of Co-operation department under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, Co-operation.
Review meeting also held in OCAC office at Bhubaneswar regarding launching of OSRTC online ticket booking service.
SCA M/s Zoom Developers conducted awareness programme for the upcoming government services for the rural citizens at Deogarh along with the CSC operators, district staff of Zoom and others officials.

Puducherry While rollout has been completed in the UT, G2C services are yet to be made available.

State is implementing e-district and SSDG services through CSCs and is integrating these applications with CSC Connect feature. Further, currently its urban Suvidha Centers are offering a number of G2C services online but these have not been made available to the rural CSCs.

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of Secretary, Governance Reforms to discuss the issues / modalities to enable G2C services for the effective use of Gram Suwidha Kendras (GSKs) and discuss the agendas viz. 1. Bill collection of Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd (PSPCL) 2. Online submission of Passport applications 3. Provisioning of BSNL Bill collection and 4. Selling of Government Forms.

A one day workshop was also organized on ‘E-Governance & Electronic Service Delivery’ for providing electronic service delivery to citizens for the purpose of integration of their present delivery channels with CSC, SSDG, e-District and Suwidha Centres
A meeting was held by BSNL, Punjab Circle regarding Common service centers (CSCs) in the office of Sr.GM (BP&MIS) regarding the various issue related to slow connectivity progress of the CSC project where SCA were asked to share issues with BSNL for in-time provisioning of BB connectivity to CSCs.


New G2C service of PWD department has been launched in state. It involves downloading and printing of admission cards, deposit of exam fees and also on line submission of application forms from CSC/ e-Mitra kiosks. Board of Revenue has authorized CSC & e-Mitra kiosks for selling of Patwari forms and deposition of exam fees. Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has authorized CSC & e-Mitra kiosks for selling of RPSC application forms, online filling of forms and deposition of exam fees at these centers. Panchayati Raj Department G2C services are being delivered through CSC/e-Mitra kiosks.
CSCs are now being relocated to Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendras in Panchayats.


Rollout in the state is complete however poor power supply remains a challenge. Further, there is a lack of service availability in the State and sustainability of CSCs is a major concern.

Tamil Nadu

While the State has not been able to select a new SCA due to a pending court case, they are in the process of integrating PACS centers. E-district services are available in 2 pilot districts and are being delivered.


While services like tele-homeopathy have been launched through CSCs, lack of connectivity remains the biggest challenge for making services available. VSAT installation is also very slow.

Uttar Pradesh

The rollout in the State has been slow. Poor power supply and connectivity remains a challenge. However, innovative services like coverage of elections and delivery of e-District are successfully contributing to VLE viability.

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri. Akhilesh Yadav launched the State Portal and e-Forms on 1st August 2012. The State Portal ( and e-Forms are developed by NIC UP State Unit. With the launch of e-Forms, Citizen is now able to get the 26 services of the 8 departments from their nearby CSC/ Lokvani Centres. On this occasion Hon’ble Chief Minister praised the efforts being made by NIC Uttar Pradesh and State IT Department.

The Senior Cabinet Ministers of Government of Uttar Pradesh Shri. Azam Khan, Shri. Shivpal Singh Yadav, Shri. Ambika Chowdhary, Shri. Ahmed Hasan and Shri. Abhishek Mishra graced the occasion. Various Senior Administrative Officers of Government of UP were present during the launch. The Commissioners and District Magistrates also inaugurated the services from CSC Centres in their respective Districts.


There is a delay in SCA selection after termination of the earlier SCA. Poor connectivity and power supply remain a major challenge in this State.

CSC outreach champaign flagged off on 23.11.2012 from Haridwar has covered district Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar.

West Bengal

VLE sustainability remains an issue as services are not available. Meeting held with IT Department for expediting the process of extending the e-district services through CSCs and also a meeting held with the newly formed West Bengal staff selection commission for extending online services like online application, downloading of admit cards etc through CSCs.


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